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Recently, a client came to me with this question: “As much as we love the home, Majorie, contracts won’t be presented until Tuesday of next week. It’s only Thursday, so what should we do?” 

I showed the house to my client, and they then expressed their interest in purchasing it. I called the seller’s agent to get some answers regarding the Tuesday contract presentation, and he was very convincing—he informed me that the homeowners were out of the country and couldn’t be reached. Further, he stated that he had two offers on the table and that was the end of it. 

I came back to my agent with this information that bore little promise, but, nevertheless, I advised my client to still write an excellent offer on the home—the best it could possibly be, even. Now, it wasn’t in a very high price point; the asking price was $500,000, and it was priced correctly, all things considered.

“You don’t need to wait until Tuesday if you have a good buyer and you stay in front of the seller.”

We wrote an offer for $539,000. Then, I called the agent I spoke to previously and, since it was early in the day, we set a midnight deadline on the offer. I was also sure to note that it was an urgent offer in the subtitle.   

The agent went on to say that he’d have to call the owner who, again, was not in the country at the time. He let me know that the odds were not good, but that he’d make the call. 

Despite this, he did eventually get back to me and let me know that the seller liked the offer, but they needed an extension until the morning after our deadline. I checked with my buyer to make sure this was OK, and we agreed it was. 

On that Saturday, the seller ratified the contract, my buyer’s offer was accepted, and they canceled their open house scheduled for Sunday. 

What’s the lesson here? 

To revisit the question I opened with, you don’t need to wait until Tuesday if you have a good buyer and you stay in front of the seller. 

If you have any questions related to real estate, please get in touch with me. I’d be happy to help. See you next Tuesday at 2!

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