Welcome to another episode of “What’s Working Now!”

Today, I’m reporting to you live from my new listing at 3201 Garfield Street NW on the edge of Cleveland Park. This home is on the market for $1.695 million.

You all know how I feel about staging, and something happened at the Garfield house that demonstrates exactly how important staging is.

In many cases, home staging has helped my sellers net an extra $100,000. Sometimes, though, a motivated buyer will get a sneak preview before the house is ready.

I invited an agent and her prospective buyers over to the Garfield house. She was working with a family of four. They came into the dining room. The sellers had their wedding guest list on the wall. The agent noticed it and couldn’t take her eyes off of it, and she told her buyers, “Come over here and see who’s invited to the wedding.”

“Make sure you pack away personal items before listing your home for sale.”

There were also a number of personal photos and other wedding memorabilia in the dining room. It turns out that the buyers were so distracted by all of these personal items that they never really looked at the house.

After that, we came in and made sure to pack away all personal photos that were in that dining room. The kitchen walls were brown and covered in pictures as well, so we cleared everything away, opened up the windows, and made the house clean and shiny.

As you can see, staging your home makes a huge difference.

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