Welcome to the latest episode of “What’s Working Now!”

Today we’re answering a question from Bob, who’s curious about planning ahead when selling your home. Bob asks, “What repairs, improvements, etc. should be made in order to get the best return later?”

In my previous videos, I covered how to update the walls and floors of your home, as well as how to begin the home improvement process. Today, I am going to expand on the two most important rooms that you should focus on upgrading in order to get the highest return on your investment: the kitchen and master bathroom.

First, let’s start with the kitchen. Depending on how large your home is or how many improvements you need, improving the kitchen could mean just changing the cabinets or the countertops.

First, though, check the floor and the appliances and see what’s old or could be spruced up. If the floor looks cracked or crusty, you might want to consider replacing it with something that looks like tile. If the appliances are old and can’t be cleaned, you might want to switch them out for new ones. They don’t necessarily have to be top of the line, they just have to look new. Silver is a very popular color in this regard.

The cabinets may not need to be replaced. Repainting them completely and/or just changing the knobs or pulls may be enough.

“If it’s beyond repair, don’t hesitate to rip it out.”

Now, let’s move on to the master bathroom. The three items you need to look at in the master bathroom are the lighting, the mirror, and sink. If one or all three of these areas look old or shopworn, it needs to be replaced. From there, move downward and look at the tile. If it’s a neutral color (beige, gray, etc.) that hasn’t undergone much wear and tear, you can probably leave it alone. If it’s disgusting, don’t hesitate to rip it out.

Whether it’s the kitchen or the master bathroom, always consult with your agent first about which of these improvements you really need.

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