Today I want to talk about the emerging trend in buyer expectations that impacts marketing, contract negotiations, and—most importantly—home inspection negotiations.

Let’s imagine you’re a seller and we’ve got a contract on your house, we’ve negotiated the price and all the terms with the buyer, and we’re ready for the home inspection. This buyer will expect that your house is move-in ready and nothing is wrong with it other than what you’ve already disclosed in your disclosure document.

Suddenly, the home inspector comes in and has a long list of things you didn’t disclose either because they don’t matter or because they’re maintenance items. Some of the things could also be recommended upgrades. In any case, the buyer presents this list to you and expects you to do all the things on it because their home inspector said so.

“Verify that everything in your house works properly before the inspection happens.”

How do you deal with this situation?

The most important thing you can do up front is check everything in your house that you’ve never used and make sure it’s all functioning properly so that when you do get hit with that list, it will be much shorter. This is also a good way for you to avoid the buyer expectation that your house will be even better than what you’ve already presented.

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