Just the other day, a homeowner said to me, “Marjorie, it seems like all real estate agents want is for me to spend money on my house to make their job easier.” When it comes down to it, your home really has three prices. Which one do you want?

The first is the as-is price, or the price you can get for your home in its current condition without any repairs or improvements. 

The second is the clean-up price, or the price that you can get from deep cleaning, decluttering, doing some staging, and making the house look showable and crisp.

“The difference between these three prices can be vast.”

The third is the extra-mile price, where you spend some money to make improvements or upgrades to your home that will significantly increase its value. This includes things like painting, changing out bathroom vanities or light fixtures, or switching out some furniture.

The difference between these prices can be vast, depending on the price range. It could be an offer below what you’re asking all the way to multiple offers above your asking price.

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