Just the other day, I met with a seller who said to me, “I have to pick the agent who is confident that they’re going to sell my house for x amount of money, which is what I need to sell it for.”

If you’re a seller and you want to get a specific number for your house, don’t price it at that number or hire an agent who would price it at that number. You need to look through the prism of positioning in order to understand this.

Where you really need to price is at the number that will attract people to come look at your home in person. You also need to make sure that your home presents well when people do come to view it. All of this is in the prism of positioning.

“Buyers will tell you what they’ll pay when they see the home in person.”

Once buyers see the property in person, then they’ll tell you what they’ll pay for it. Just because you want x doesn’t mean you won’t get it; it just means you have to hook the buyer first. 

Buyers look at what they think is a good value, but reality tells us that there is no good value because good homes are at a premium. However, when a buyer is looking for a property, they’re looking for one in that price, area, and condition that they want. There’s a difference between what a buyer’s initial offer will be and what they will eventually pay. If you hook them on the list price, condition, and location, you will have a good experience. You need to hire the agent that understands this, not just the one who tells you they’ll sell for an arbitrary number.

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