If you’re a homebuyer, it never hurts to look.

The other day, I asked a homebuyer client of mine to take a look at a property with me. She agreed, but here’s the thing—two months ago we discussed looking at the same exact property, and she didn’t want to see it then because she thought it looked ugly in its pictures.

It was still sitting on the market, though, so I called her and told her that you can’t always gauge a home’s condition by looking at its photographs. Even if it did look bad, its price had been reduced, so I told her she could maybe get an even better price for it and get to work doing some remodeling and making it her own.

When we got there and walked inside, we found out that it wasn’t as bad as it looked in its photographs. However, we also found out that the home was already under contract.

“It never hurts to look.”

This same thing nearly happened to my husband and me the last time we had to shop for a home. One of the homes we came across didn’t look great in its pictures, but we decided to go look at it anyway, and we got lucky. As it turns out, the home was staged when we got there, but the seller already had an offer on the table that they were going to answer at 6:30 a.m. the next morning. That night, we made the seller a better offer.

We’ve been living there ever since.

So again, if you’re shopping for homes, don’t make a decision on one until after you’ve seen it in person.

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