I recently met a buyer who wanted to look at a co-op apartment with a friend of hers. They were waiting for me in the lobby, and right before I arrived I got a text message that said, “Hey Marjorie, do you know what’s going on on the eighth floor? We overheard that someone is waiting for a photographer to take pictures of the property. Are they getting it ready to go on the market?” I told her that we could check it out once I got there.

Once I got to the building, I picked up the keys to the apartment we were going to look at and took a peek at the eighth floor on our way up. I ran down, knocked on the door, and saw an agent that I knew.

She let me know the place was going on the market next week. I asked her if I could bring my buyers up to take a peek at it. She said sure,  but she also said that we couldn’t write an offer on it right now because it wasn’t going on the market until the next week.

“Even though the agent said we couldn’t make an offer on the property, we made one anyway and it got accepted.”

I brought the buyers down, we saw the property, and they fell in love with it. After we left the building, we decided to go ahead and write an offer on it anyway. I know the agent told us not to, but I also knew that everybody has a price. I told the buyer that we could make an offer, but it would have to wow the seller and their agent.

We went back to the office and wrote a big, fat offer. The price was well above what they were asking and, although I apologized to the agent in advance, they ended up calling the owner and we ratified the contract shortly thereafter. All in all, it was a great success and we found the buyers their perfect home.

Stay tuned for our next video, which will give you the three keys to my buyer’s success in this situation.

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