I recently heard from someone who lost the chance to buy the home they were interested in. Why? They waited until after the weekend to make an offer and found out that the home was sold Sunday night!

You may be thinking, “Don’t sellers usually wait until later in the week to look at offers?”

Let me answer that by telling you this: I had a brand-new listing that I put on the market Friday. About 100 people showed up for the open house; some had agents and some didn’t. I had two offers by 6 p.m. and two more by 8 p.m.—one of which was exceptional.

“Call your agent and make the offer!”

I called the owner and told him about the offer. He signed it, and that quickly, it was sold.

If you were a buyer who was waiting until Tuesday or Wednesday to make an offer, you missed out. If you’re at an open house, you like the house, and you want to make an offer, call your agent and make the offer! Buy the house you want before others can make a move.

What do you think about waiting until later to make an offer? I’d like to see your comments.

If you’d like my help in securing your dream home, have any other questions, or need more information, feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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